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    AE project freezing on start-up


      I have a project which froze when applying an effect — probably one too many — I tried adding magic bullet looks to an adjustement layer over a particular layer with knoll lights added as well. Anyway, I tried to to step back or delete the adjustment layer but I just got the wheel of death. I gave it ten mins or so to see if AE it would work it out but it didn't so I force quit.


      The problem now is I can't re-open that project, it just keeps quitting when trying to load it. It seems to freeze when trying to load the particles layer. I've tried un-installing particluar and magic bullet, hoping it would skip trying to load them, but it hasn't helped.


      All I want to do is get back into that project and delete those effects, but I can't. The project panel opens as does the timeline, I can see all my layers and assets, I just can't get at them to turn off or delete the offending effects.


      Is there anyway of loading a project but without loading the effects or loading it in wireframe?


      Many thanks.

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          mttsmmnds Level 1

          OK, crisis over.


          If anyone's interested or has the same problem this was resolved by copying all assets and the project onto another machine (luckily this happened at work where we have a few). I knew this other machine had no plugins or 3rd party effects installed and I also thought it might help booting it form another machine with a different processor etc.


          As I hoped would happen orignally, I got an error message that all the effects were missing, which I ok'd, then the project managed to open fully. Then it was easy, turn off the offending adjustment layers and precomps, turn everything to wireframe previews and save as. Now it opens fine on the original machine.