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    Text Alignment in Fireworks


      Does anyone know how I can get adobe fireworks to justify text in the same manner as photoshop? I feel the current implementation is poor in my opinion and often a deal breaker for me when I want to do a project. You would think that being part of a suite, common features among applications should be consistent and this case, the fireworks implementation of text-alignment 'justify' is a major PITA

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Because browsers don't do a good job of justifying text (and is rarely used), my guess is it hasn't been deemed necessary for Fireworks, which was designed for creating graphics for the web, to display justifed text the way software designed for creating graphics for print does. One typical work around is to break the last line of text manually and left align it.

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            Pafonyo Level 1

            Since posting the question here, I had various twitter conversations with Fireworks Police and Jim Babbage which has enlightened me further on why using justified text in web isn't great.


            I am also aware of the technique you posted but it becomes a bit arduous and a turn off when you see the last line of the paragraph also being justified. And since I was informed that both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks (from cs4) shared the same font-engine and stuff, you think that you could get a little bit more consistency in feature implementation. that is what I crave for. Have a look at a tweet I sent to Jim Babbage   .  Even browsers apply text justification much better than that .


            All in all, I just wish it behaved more intelligently like the one implemented in photoshop. Thank you for your answer


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