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    OSMF Caption Support

    ScottKell3 Level 1

      Hi all,


      With the recent US legislation requiring online broadcasts to support closed captioning (Fall 2012 is the first deadline), I was wondering what the current and future state of captioning in OSMF.


      My understanding of the current state is that the Captioning Plugin alows an external file (DXFP) to be specified via URL with the captions associated with a given asset.  So this would seem to provide a method for VOD captions.


      Currently there does not seem to be a way to handle the live case.  For example, jwPlayer allows onTextData events injected into the live stream to appear as captions.  Is there such a notion currently in OSMF or is one on the roadmap?


      I know that AMS/FMS v5 is declaring support for 608 Line 21 captioning.  I can't seem to find any specifics on what this means, but I imagine this has some downstream affect on what OSMF will need to handle.