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    embedded profile mismatch pop up in photoshop cs4

    eltavito Level 1

      lately everytime i open a file in photoshop I am getting a pop up saying that the document has an embbeded color profile

      that does not match the current RGB working space. How can I not have that pop up everytime i open a document?


      Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Chances are you want that pop-up.  It's happening because you have a box checked in the Color Settings dialog.  You can find the Color Settings in your Edit menu on PC and Photoshop menu on Mac.




          I say that you probably want that dialog because it's telling you that your input image is using a color profile that doesn't match the working space preference you'd like to use for your documents.  The setting for your working space preference is up above in the same dialog.


          This could be because:


          1.  Your image input source is delivering photos tagged with a color profile that's not your preference for working.  What source is it?  Your digital camera?  Are you shooting raw images?  How are you getting these images?  If your working preference is what you really want, you might want to re-examine how you can get your input images directly in that working space, so that you don't have to worry about color space mismatches.


          2.  You have set your working space preference to be different than what you want, and your input photos are in the color space you'd really prefer to work in, in which case you could just change your working space preference.




          • What color space do you really want to work in?


          • How are you getting your images in a color space other than the one you've set for your preference?



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