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    5D mkIII in-camera ratings


      Long story short, I am trying to make use of my personal 5d mkIII at work where we reamin stuck with Lightroom 3. I find that I can use the most recent DNG converter (7.1) to batch convert the .CR2 files to the Camera Raw 6.6 compatability and Lightroom 3.6 will import and work with the files. So far so good.


      However, it appears that images that I mark with the on-camera "rate" button lose their rating when converted. Not a major problem, but I am finding that it's convenient to quickly hit good captures with a star while I'm shooting.


      I'm not sure if this is an issue with the DNG conversion in general, or the fact that I have to go back to 6.6 compatability rather than 7.1. If a fix is possible, any help would be appreciated.

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          Since no one has chimed in yet, I'll take a stab at it:


          Andy, have you ever been able to keep your in-camera "ratings" in Lightroom?  I am not a Lightrrom user at all, but in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, all in-camera settings for raw files are ignored, by design.  The notable exceptions of course are exposure and white balance, but everything else is NOT taken into consideration by Camera Raw.  Again, I don't know about Lightroom…

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            andy_franck Level 1

            Thanks for the input. This is definitely a Lightroom-related function. I have LR4 at home and the in-camera ratings do hold when importing the .CR2 files. It's when I'm at work and need to convert to DNG 6.6 compatability for importing into LR 3.6 that the ratings get lost.


            I may try to see if I can get the 7.1 compatability working better, but I'm mainly bringing this camera in for it vastly improved AF over the mkII - the in-camera ratings is just a perk.

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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

              I'll look into this, but my first impression is that regardless of your choice of DNG compatibility, the in-camera star ratings should be preserved during DNG conversion.

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                andy_franck Level 1

                I have to post back in here that the original problem was entirely user error. I usually try to avoid this kind of dumb mistake... but as I was setting up to revisit this issue I realized that I was applying a metadata preset on import that, among other more useful things, set the rating to zero.


                In camera ratings do travel from RAW to DNG to Lightroom. Good to go.

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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                  That makes sense.  Thanks for following up!