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    Multi-Level Lists on the Same Line in CS6




      I couldn't find the answer to this in the forums or via google...any insight or direction to resources would be much appreciated.  I am trying to create multi-level lists, but with the second and/or third levels appearing on the same line as the first level.  Is this possible?  Here is an example of what I would like to do:



      1.  Here's a First level list.

           a) Here's a second level list.



           a) Here's a second level list that I can create.

           b) Here's more text.


      3.  a) This is what I want to do

            b) The list continues along...


      4.  Etc. Etc.


      Is it possible to do this?  I can fake the appearance by using tabs, but I'd like to use a numbered list if possible.


      Thank you all!