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    RoboHelp 7, can view content in "Preview Selected" but Design and HTML tabs appear empty

      I have having trouble viewing content in the Design and HTML viewer of RoboHelp 7. The Design viewer is empty. The HTML viewer displays tags of a blank page. However, if i click the "Preview Selected" to view a preview of the page, all of the content is visible (drop down text, paragraphs, images, etc).

      In an attempt to resolve this and get the visual back, I tried to copy the html code from the local html file and try to paste it to a new topic page in RoboHelp, but there are four issues occurring:

      1. When I go to the HTML editor in RoboHelp, the html code that I paste will not save—it will paste, but when I click save, the html code automatically returns to being a blank page.
      2. When I go into the design section (WYSIWYG), I am unable to view any of the content—probably due to the html indicating it’s a blank page.
      3. Oddly, when I click on the “Preview”, all of my content is visible (but in the preview- like a print preview, I’m unable to edit). However, the page is able to generate okay .
      4. When I try to copy html from another file that is working properly, I’m able to recreate the page in RoboHelp.

      So this creates a problem, where I am unable to edit it in the HTML tab, and I am unable to edit it in the Design tab, but I know that the content is there.


      Thanks in advance,