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    CS6 Global Cache tips?

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Very excited about CS6's new global hash cache.


      The new "Cache Comp in Background" raises a couple questions in my mind:


      For every frame I see in my comp window, AE has cached that frame as well as the frame of each layer and pre-comp (and pre-pre-comp) to disk?


      Does RAM Preview now also write the global cache to disk as well as load frames into RAM? (Could it be thought of as "Cache Comp in Foreground"?)  If so, does spacebar playback do the same caching as RAM Preview?


      If I RAM Preview "Comp A" at half res, and then at full res, does AE store the global cache for the same comps at both resolutions?


      So, if I RAM Preview my final comp at full res, is there any need to use the "Cache Comp in Background" command?