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    Fonts problem

    Leonide Principe

      Hi all, please I need help about a font management problem.

      I am working on a book which layout started on CS5.5, creating an iPad interactive version. When CS6 came out I was enthusiasmed with the Alternate layout feature, then I immediately created my iPad 3 layout with the idea to change all images to the corresponding resolution.

      I deleted the previous iPad layout, changed all images and now I will create the new Alternate layout for iPad 1 & 2 with images of corresponding resolution.

      But happens that all text box of the iPad 3 layout are  displaying text size like 12 pt(24) and is very difficult to manage because they don't resize to new style or appear too small or too big.

      I cannot control fonts and I am searching to eliminate this link with the old layout.


      Thanks for helping, Leo

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Change your preferences for "When Scaling" to Apply to Content under General. You'll need to do this for both existing files, and with no files open to cahnge the default for new files.


          For existing files you'll also want to select the frames and use the Control panel flyout menu to Redefine Scaling as 100%.

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            Leonide Principe Level 1

            Thanks a lot, Peter, I am adjusting everything to 100%. It is a long tedious task, but works.

            And no way to leave as is, because it is a multilingual book and surely can create problems  on language substitution.

            Thanks again, Leo