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    Framemaker 10 and reference drawings stored in sharepoint repository

    Anup JP Level 1



      This is the first time I am trying framemaker since I am currently evaluating framemaker 10 for a client (specifically the sharepoint integration). They would like to store all their drawings in a single location in sharepoint and would like to have them referenced in a document from within sharepoint. So basically whenever someone creates a new document and wants to import one of the drawings, they would want to go to the sharepoint repository where the drawing is stored and import it by reference. I tried this and it imports fine. But say i save the document and try to upload it into sharepoint, only my "X.fm" file is uploaded and i get a dialog which says upload failed. Opening the uploaded "X.fm" file in framemaker renders the drawing gray. Has anyone tried such a scenario or faced a similar situation? Thanks in advance.