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    Like night and day, render times just got ridiculous out of the blue.




      Last night I finished a 16 minute video (due to client tomorrow) of 5D footage transcoded to Pro Res.  I rendered using the Vimeo HD preset in Premiere, uploaded to Vimeo, and got approval of the final project, with the exception of a handful of edits.  This render took less than an hour. 


      I make the changes requested (minimal stuff: shortening a scene here, lengthening one there), save, and attempt to render to the same Vimeo HD preset, and now all of a sudden Premiere insists it needs five hours to render a 16 minute pro-res video that took less than an hour to do last night.  Nothing has changed.  Restarted computer several times.  Tried rendering fil to different drives.  It's serious about the five hours thing, too.  I left it alone for an hour thinking it was bluffing, and that it'd finish as fast as last night.  Nope.  An hour in it still said it needed four more.  On top of all of this, the project's already rendered!  Green line throughout entire timeline.  Unacceptable.




      Early 2008 Mac Pro  (3.2 GHz 8-core)


      Lion 10.7.4


      Premiere Pro CS5


      32gbs RAM


      Programs and project file on 1 tb boot drive


      Footage on 4 tb CalDigit eSata drive


      Trying to export to additional 4 tb CalDigit eSata drive


      Any help is greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated!