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    Too Many Activations


      At the request of the support agent I was told to create this post to have my issue resolved, however he cannot grasp the fact that all I will get as a reply is to "open a web case by going to adobe.com/support/digitaleditions to have my activation count reset" which takes you in a support loop bringing you back to these same forums, there is NO OPEN A WEB CASE LISTED ANYWHERE! And adobe wants to charge to talk to us on the phone, despite their support for this product hinges on "opening a web case" which NO ONE CAN DO! I regret buying a eTextbook with the NookStudy now, as I cant open it after getting my computer fix and B&N passes the buck to Adobe, and Adobe REFUSES TO HELP W/O CHARGING!

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          Be resolved.  Grit your teeth, get on the phone and badger the support

          rep.  They are the only ones who can do the reset - and they can open a web

          case for you,,,,



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            They still refuse to

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              Frustrated, might you know the phone number where a user might plead for a reset or adjustment of the activation count?


              It's nowhere to be found on the Digital Editions help page _ http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/index.html   All that that page does is allow one to pick the product, select from a narrow list of possible problems for that product and then, when the one possible, meaningful problem _ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4034661#4034661 _ web page proves useless, one clicks on the only remaining link on the contact page _ "I still need help..." only to be taken here to this forum, where I found this thread.


              This problem and its seeming inability of Adobe to address it simply for their users is nonsensical. I tried twice with online chat help, don't ask how I stumbled on that option; it's lost in the mists. In neither case was help forthcoming. Finally, I was told to call back on Monday.


              This problem of "too many activations" simply must be common enough that it rates a great, big, red button on the very first page of the support tree.


              Here's the deal: My wife and I have four devices _ a desktop PC, a Sony ereader and two tablet PCs. The latest of those tablets is a Nexus 7. Because the Aldiko app doesn't work quite as smoothly with the Nexus 7 as it does with my Asus Transformer TF101, I have been installing and activating (via my Adobe e-mail login and password) and subsequently uninstalling multiple ebook reader apps on the Nexus 7, looking for one that is easy for my wife to use. I've also done a couple of factory resets on the Nexus 7. I ***thought*** that I had been deactivating each ereader  before uninstalling it, but, obviously, somewhere along the line, I failed to do that, perhaps when doing one of the factory resets. In any case, now that I've settled on the Overdrive Media Console app to fetch ebooks from the provincial elibrary for my wife, I discovered that I have "too many activations". It's too bad that you've grabbed the nickname to which too many users feel attached.