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    Flash Player Issue

      Flash Player 11.3 was automatically installed (updated) in my computer, but it caused significant sound distortion when playing videos on YouTube etc (like the same track running twice at different points and static), so I uninstalled it. I tried to reinstall it through Firefox 13.0.1, but was unable to do so....I succeeded through Internet Explorer 8.0, but the sound problems remained in all browsers. After discovering that there were issues with it I followed Adobe's advice and reverted back to 10.3 and then went to Add / Remove programs to remove 11.3, but was advised that it had already been uninstalled....however, this is not so, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome still show this version when playing videos while Firefox shows 10.3. Is there a way I can remove the 11.3, but keep the 10.3 or will the 11.3 be updated in time and then show in Add / Remove programs....what should I do please? OS XP SP3