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    click event swallowing in AIR

      I am putting remote code (flash and javascript widgets) into mx:html components. While the widgets display properly and generally work, if you click something that is supposed to open up a new web page, it does not. I realize the code is not using navigateToURL(), but I can't change the remote code of flash swf files. What I expect to happen, though, is that the event triggered by the click should be properly exposed/propagated into AIR so that your application can choose to handle it.

      For example, you load an RSS widget. You click the title to go to the whole story. The url (part of the event) is propagated to your app. Your app calls navigateToURL('xxx') and the default browser launches. Everyone is happy :)

      I have put in event handlers for mouse clicks (and a few more) and only get position-related data (where you clicked) vice any data about what you clicked on or an object reference to what you clicked.

      AIR has a browser in it. I'd expect them to work a little better together. Here is a flex app archive showing the problem