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    PDF Checkbox


      I inherited a system that uses Coldfusion to populate a series of PDFs. The text has changed on one of the PDFs and I have recreated the form for the PDF using the new text...I cfdumped the values in the PDF after is has been populated and the values for the fields are right..but my checkboxes don't get checked if the value is Yes. The first three fields are checkboxes.


      field1 = No

      field2 = Yes

      field3 = [empty string]

      field4= Joe Smith


      The text fields in the PDF display fine..I just cannot get the checkboxes to work.


      I created the PDF using MSWord 2007's Acrobat creation function from the ribbon - the source file was an .rtf...I opened up the PDF created using Acrobat 9 Pro and used the Form Wizard to create the forms..then edited the names to the field names that I need. It recognized the boxes on the rtf as checkboxes and created the right type of field.


      Any ideas on how to get the checkboxes to display?


      Another conundrum is the version of the PDF on our production system does not display any fields when opened with Acrobat 9 Pro..I think it was created with a prior version. It does fill in the text fields but may be having an issue with the check boxes as well.. I have copies of PDFs created by this system that DO have the checkboxes checked..so I know it was working at some point in the past.



      --Sue, who is rapidly losing her hair over this..

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          ok..so since no one has any clues to my conundrums..I changed the type of field to text instead of a checkbox and am just filling with an X..it's cludgy..but it's a way around whatever it is that is happening...


          --Sue, moving on...