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    Multiple Formats/Sequence Settings


      I have a Premiere Pro 5.5 project that will eventually be saved on standard DVD.


      My assets are as follows:


      Canon FS300 - 720x480 29.97 fps (0.9091)


      Canon 60D - 1920x1080 29.97 fps (1.0)


      Canon 60D - jpg 1024x768 (1.0)


      The formats are distributed evenly within the project.


      Question:  Which asset would be best to use as the sequence settings?

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          I'd use the 720x480 29.97 for your sequence settings. Otherwise you're going to have to blow up your other footage to match your HD footage and it will look horrible. So if you're planning on editing all that in the same timeline then you need to edit using 720x480 29.97 sequence settings. Plus 720x480 is the resolution of DVD's.