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    InDesign quits when I try to make pdf

    Randal O'Toole

      I just got a new MacBook Air with twice the solid state drive of my old one. I installed InDesign CS3 on it and tried to make some pdfs. In certain files, when I use either the Export or Adobe PDF Preset command, after entering the file name and clicking on the "Export PDF" button, InDesign puts up a "Warning" window, but before it says what the warning is, the program quits.


      This doesn't happen on the old MacBook Air, which has a lot less available memory, so I know it's not a memory problem. Through trial and error, I've discovered the problem only exists for InDesign files that include .psd files. When I use PhotoShop to convert the files to .jpgs, InDesign will make the pdfs. Still, I should be able to use PhotoShop files instead of jpgs.


      I tried reinstalling InDesign, rebooting, and upgrading to 5.04. I checked the Library files (Application Support and Preferences) to make sure the files on the old MBA are also on the new one. Nothing works (except not using psd files in the InDesign layout).


      What is wrong with the new set up?