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    How do I implement this particular workflow in CQ?

    Clookes Level 1



      I would like to know how to implement the following workflow, step 3~4 in particular.


      1. page gets created by a scheduled job

      2. page is then automatically asssigned to the content authors group on page creation

      3. any of the users in the content authors group can "claim" the page and start authoring

      4. once the page is "claimed", it sits in the user's queue and no one else can modify it unless it is released back into the group queue

      5. once satisfied, it is passed on to the author approvers group for approval

      6. once approved, it starts the activate page workflow...


      I have trouble implementing step 3 and 4...  How do you 'cliam' a payload in a group queue?  How do you prevent other users from modifying the particular page that is owned by another content author.  Ideas?



      Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.