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    Options under Edit | Windows don't usually do anything

      The options found in the Windows Properties dialog box, (e.g., under Edit | Windows), don't work consistently. Sometimes, they work, but usually they just don't.

      For example, if I specify that the tabs display on the left, instead of at the top, they still display at the top. If I check the Home checkbox, no Home button displays. If I check the Glossary checkbox, no Glossary tab displays. Etc. It's like the .apj file is not initializing.

      Now I have the browse sequence displaying and I can't get it to disappear. Very frustrating.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi vaprocura

          Sometimes the Window definition becomes horked and you are better off defining a new window with the settings you want. As for the Home button, did you also enter a filename or URL the button would link to? If not, that would explain why it isn't showing. It's simply not linked to anything. Same for the Glossary. Have you defined a Glossary?

          Cheers... Rick