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    My new Spec build - any advice

    straightryder Level 1

      So, I am switching back to PC and this is the current build I may go with. Can anyone throw some advice my way. I want to utilize CUDA/ MPE and I was hoping that this build would give me the performace that I will need.


      • Intel Core I7-3930K Processor Six Core, Socket 2011
      • Asus P9X79 - Pro
      • Zotac Nvidia GTX 680 (Premeire Pro supports this through a .textfile Hack - Is this true)
      • Intel Solid State Drive 180 GB
      • Cool Master HAF 932
      • Corsair 850W Modular Power Supply
      • Windows 7 Pro - OEM
      • Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler
      • Corsair 8 Gig ddr3 Ram


      I shoot mainly on DSLR. The applications mostly used will PP, AE, LR and PS. I do use AE for 3D camera movement, compositing, green screening and particles and creating a lot of animated logo's/  title sequences. As for PP I will be at time using multipile video layers and doing a fair amount of color grading to the projects. (I really want to give Speedgrade a shot looks interesting).


      When I asked about increasing the ram to 32Gigs I was told that i don't need no more than 16 Gigs of ram due to Win 7 not being able to utilize all of that ram. I was wondering if this true? Since I'm going to be using AE quite a bit shouldn't - more Ram be better for it? Which make/brand of Ram is the best to consider?


      As for an internal Raid configuration, right now I have laying around 1, 3TB Baracuda XT. What should I do to build a decent internal raid for this machine. I don't want to go overboard as I will have a primary external backup that I would backup to once a week and keep off site incase a meteorite hits my office. This is an area I would like some advice on as well.


      SIDE NOTE: I have 3 x 3 TB HD's inside of my current Mac Pro on Raid 1. Should I just use that as my raid and still continue on with and external Raid option listed above.


      Thank you:)