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        adobe-admin Adobe Employee

        It is not connected to the "most liked" stuff in your profile. That goes back to the old Like button that used to be in forums. I don't think there is anything feeding into Most Liked Content at this point.


        I am trying to find out exactly what the Helpful yes/no link does. I believe it feeds some analytics outside of the forums . But right now it doesn't affect anything within the forums. There may be plans in place for that to change, though.

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          Niall O'Donovan Level 7



          It would be really interesting to see how often it is clicked. I suspect that users are finding helpful content, but not clicking the feedback option. It's a case of Seek, Find, Go.


          If it is feeding into analytics, then it might be skewing the data or people's interpretation of the data, as to how "helpful" the forums are.





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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            Noel Carboni wrote:


            Claudio González wrote:


            at long last a clear explanation


            Claudio, you must have gotten more out of that than I (and apparently Niall) did...


            Can you please explain of what use a vote of Yes or No is?  Who sees it?  Who or what computer processes act upon it?  What changes because of it?



            I wrote that I found that a clear, not a complete explanation. At least it explains clearly that the Yes and No buttons are in no way related with the points system, while the article in Terry's link is at best ambiguous on this (my message #6 shows how wrongly I interpreted it).


            And I have never written that I see any use in the Yes/No votes; as a matter of fact, I found them completely useless even before adobe-admin posted message #15. It is one of the  -to me- useless things that are being added without explaining openly what they are there for.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I know you all are joshing about points translating to lobster


              No Maine Lobster Lunch at the Official Adobe Cafeteria? Now, I am crushed...




              Thanks for that link.