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    VERY slow print with CS5 mail merge


      Creating a newsletter in CS5 Indesign.  Using "mail merge".  Total database is 900 names.  Tried using in blocks of 100 at a time and still takes at least an hour to print.  Is there a way to reduce resolution or something to cut print time?  Printing both sides of 11x17 black/white on Minolta Postcript printer.

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          It's simply to do with the amount of data which is going to the printer/RIP. Assuming the newsletter was two pages, then over 900 records means that 1800 pages are going to the printer/RIP. It's the equivalent of printing a dictionary.


          Assuming that the Minolta printer is a desktop printer being merged to via merge to Print, then the option I would take is to make the InDesign file as lightweight as possible e.g. make sure images placed are no larger in resolution than they need to be, etc. Its not something that could really be done through the print dialog box as there aren't enough options to choose from.


          Otherwise, could merge to a PDF first and then choose the downsample options prior to the merging of the file.


          Hope this helps.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'd also be that only one page on your newletter has variable data. Unlike a normal multi-copy print where you have a one-page document and you tell the printer to process that page once and then make a million copies, a Data Merge creates a multipage file, and prints ony one copy, so every page, even if it just like the page nect to it, gets processed over and over. You can cut down on this by splitting the file into two parts, those with static data, which you print as a 900 multiple copy job first, then your merged data file with 900 pages that you print on a second pass.

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              This isn't a specific CS5 or printer issue - it's purely the amount of data involved, as stated above.

              This is an issue we have had problems with in terms of large variable data runs. I had a file that took 4 hours to RIP once, and that was before it started printing!

              We use EFI Command WorkStation connected to our KMC6501 bizhub and with that you can create a master which has the static data and merge it with the variable data file. It still takes a while to RIP, but not as long as processing 900 individual pages. So, effectively, you ae going to produce two documents; one with your static, common data (the master) and one with just the variable data and the common elements stripped out. PDF your single master and then your multi-page variable data. Combine the two at RIP stage. This reduces processing time dramatically.

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                biglittletown Level 1

                Thanks, so much, for very helpful responses!  All of them make good sense. Will be giving them a try this weekend!