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    CommandServlet Pattern/Registering New Commands

    Ryan Lunka Level 3

      I'm trying to customize some of the actions you can perform in CQ5.4 (like page creation) by using the CommandServlet as an extension point.  I'm familiar with how the basic pattern works, but I can't seem to figure out the hook for registering "new" commands.  For example, the "Create Page" operation makes a request to WCMCommandServlet, which delegates the work to the CreatePageCommand based on the "cmd" parameter that is sent with the request.  I want to create a customized version of CreatePageCommand, registered as a different "cmd" ID ("myCreatePage" instead of "createPage") and then change the SiteAdmin UI to use my command instead.  Seems like something I should be able to accomplish, but I can't figure out how to register new commands.


      Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any feedback about this approach?