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    Is there a keyboard shortcut to raise audio levels up or down by one 1db?


      In Final Cut Pro, you can highlight a single clip, or a track or group of clips, hold CONTROL and tap the + or - button to raise or lower the volume of the clip(s), by 1db with each tap, so you can quickly make that small adjustment to the volume of perhaps a music or voice track and see fast how it changes the relationship between music and voice or something similar.


      I know you can manually change the audio levels of clips in Premiere Pro by pulling the audio lines..., I know you can also go CLIP - AUDIO OPTIONS and punch in a db change there as well, but none of those options are are quick as CONTROL + or - to keep seeing how 1db change up or down affects the balance.


      Is there a keyboard equivalent in Premiere Pro?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.