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    Optical flow equivalent for slo-mo?


      Hi all...


      I have been very interested in discussions about really amazing slo-mo footage, and I did post here recently about my 60fps 7-d footage and how to work with it. I did a test and it worked out well.


      Here is my query;


      Instead of paying thousands for a Phantom camera... ---amazing really... you should check out Tom Guilmettes new site and see his "locked in a hotel room with a phantom' video.. awsome results-- I have seen that with a Final Cut Pro plugin called 'Optical Flow' I saw 7-d footage slowed down to 1% of original speed!!!! and it looked great!!!


      Admittedly, that is far too slow for any useable purpose (for me) but it would open up all kinds of great possibilities.. without the humoungous expense of these pro cameras..


      Is there a similar plugin like Optical flow for Premiere pro6? Or any other workflows (programs) to get my slow-mo's down as if I had shot at say 120FPS instead of only the maximum 60 FPS of my 7-D?


      Thanks all...



      Miami Beach