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    InDesign CS5.5 crashes when generating index


      Hello everyone.  I have been working on a 232 page catalog and have been indexing as I've went along.  The catalog itself (232 pages) is a book file.  When I generated the index before it seemed to take a long time, but it always got through it and had no problems.  One day, randomly, it decided it wasn't going to work anymore and crashes when I re-generate the index.


      I have tried to add documents at sections at a time to see if it might be a particular file, but my tests have all been inconclusive.  I have the catalog separated into 8 sections (32 pages each) I added 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 generating the index after each addition.  I got to section five and it was still okay.  When I added section 6 it crashed.  I tried generating section 6 by itself and it was fine.  Then I generated sections 1-5, and 7 together and it still crashed!  I've done every possible combination of index generating and I'm getting desparate.  I really do not want to have all my indexing work on the entire back section of the catalog to be wasted.


      Is anyone having a similar problem?  If I could get it narrowed down to one section, it would help greatly.  I do have x refs in my documents but they are all contained within section 4 (which had no problems generating).


      I'm assuming the problem lies within section 6 or 7, but I generated them together by themselves and the index generated without a problem.

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          My InDesign crashed a couple of months for no apparent reason and, whenever I tried to resume the same activity as I was doing when it crashed, it crashed again! I wasn't creating an index but adding photos. Bascially, what I had to do was copy and paste all of my data into a new document. That worked. It was a pain, because I had to copy the master pages, style sheets, blah, blah but it worked. I think what happens is that files get corrupted if they keep crashing. You're better off just grabbing the data and creating a new doc. A pain, I know but....


          Good luck! I am just now getting into Indexes, btw.