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    Fresh install of Ilustrator CS6 (64bit) can't load Drop Shadow.aip

    jerdenberg Level 1

      Today I upgraded from Design Standard CS5.0 to CS6, and as I am running Windows 7 64bit I chose the 64-bit version of Illustrator.


      Now every time I start Illustrator it reports "Error loading plugins. Drop Shadow.aip"; after clicking OK it starts normally, but obviously without the Drop Shadow plug-in.


      Then, I open a new document, draw a rectangle and select Effect/Stylize/Glowing Edges; the first time in a session I do that, Illustrator produces a pop-up saying "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error. [CANT]", but on OK shows the Glowing Edges work area without problems. After finishing the Glowing Edges effect, I can then select it in that session without getting the pop-up. As Drop Shadow is in the Stylize category of Illustrator CS5 I suppose the pop-up is a side effect of the failure to load Drop Shadow.aip.


      My question is, how can I get the plug-in to load properly?