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    Error "this book is not readable"


      Hi everyone


      I am new to the forum, but I have tried searching for this issue so apologies if its already been answered.


      ADE happily downloads books from the library and they are readable in ADE, however when copied to my e-reader (EB600D) I get the above message when I try to open it.


      I have been through the cycle of deauthorising my device and ADE and reauthorising including a hard reset of my device but to no avail.


      I can read books from other sources perfectly ok.


      Many thanks


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          I am not sure who makes the ereader you mention, but it would appear from

          your post that the ereader is trying to tell you that it cannot show you

          the ebook from the library.  This happens when the digital rights

          associated with an ebook (not necessarily just a library ebook) do not

          allow copying the ebook.  You should take a look at the digital rights of

          the ebook in Digital Editions, and if this is the case, then contact the

          library and talk to their technical support staff.  They may be able to

          change the settings.


          Open ADE in Library mode.  Place your cursor on the small arrow next to the

          name of the ebook.  A drop-down menu will appear, and one of the choices is

          "Item Info".  Click on that line, and ADE will display the item's

          information.  Digital Rights are in the middle of the list.



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            mrbigbouk Level 1

            Many thanks for your response.


            I have done as you suggested, however ADE gives no Digital Rights info other than I cant copy or print.


            One thing I did not mention is that I have been using this device since January with no problems, happily downloading and reading Library books. I have even borrowed a book that worked previously which is now no longer readable.


            My device is just a cheap device sold under many brand names including Kobo, Coolreader etc, however the software onboard is Adobe.


            Thinking about other changes, I recently changed my harddrive and ADE prompted me to authorise. Not sure if this caused the problem but cannot think of anything else.




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              David, ADE gave you the answer.  You can't copy the ebook.  That means once

              you've downloaded it to your computer, you're done.  The ebook's digital

              rights do not allow you to 'copy' it to your ereader.



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                mrbigbouk Level 1

                OK that makes sense, however I have always been able, using ADE to copy/move it to my ereader. So whats suddenly changed.

                I will ask the Library as well, but they specifically state that I can do exactly that.

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                  You do not understand something here.  Sorry to be so blunt, but I've

                  already told you twice that the ebook you're trying to read has copy

                  protection on it and it cannot be moved to your ereader.  That's one ebook

                  - others may work, but this one won't.



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                    Jim_Lester Level 4


                         Can you read any other DRM'd books on the device, or is it just this one that is causing the problem.

                    If it is all of them, then perhaps the device lost it's activtion - and reactivating it (ctrl(cmd on mac) shift e to deactivate, which should cause a reactive) will solve the problem.

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                      mrbigbouk Level 1

                      Hi Yes I did understand what you said, however as I said I have been doing this for many months. Download from library to ADE drag to ereader. Has worked for ages, just suddenly stopped working so something has changed.


                      Jim I have already done that and just repeated it but still not working.


                      I have double checked the procedures I should use on the library website just to make sure I am doing it correctly and I have cleared my ereader and started again, still not working on any book from the library I have checked 4 altogether including one that I have previously read.




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                        David, you could have more than one problem.   The way you describe what's happening, it's likely something changed at the library end.  Have you contacted the library's technical support group?  And, with the things you've done, don't let them dismiss you with 'It's an Adobe problem" , because you do have other ebooks from other sources that work....



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                          mrbigbouk Level 1

                          Hi Yes the library are looking into it.


                          I will post their response when I get it.



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                            mrbigbouk Level 1

                            Hello to all reading this post


                            It cannot be the libraries fault as others have no problems with the same books. And I happen to know somebody with the same ereader.

                            Nobody from this forum has any suggestions that work and as I am using all the standard methods to load books and I can read those books on my PC then it has to be a hardware fault.


                            So I have returned my device and received a full refund.

                            No idea what I am going to replace it with, possibly a Kobo when and if they bring the price down again after the recent increase. The retailer suggested a tablet but its not the same as a proper ereader, limited battery life, inability to read in the sun etc etc




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                              When choosing, remember that Kindles aren't supported by ADE....  SONY

                              makes some good ones, but the PRS-T1 isn't supported either....



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                                mrbigbouk Level 1

                                Hi Yes that the reason I chose the delium originally. I ignored Sony as the few I looked at at suffered very bad screen burn on the instore demo units.