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    Suggestions for Premiere DSLR --> Resolve Workflow?

    RyanPatch Level 1

      Hello all -


      I have edited a huge documentary on Premiere Pro, and am very happy with the whole process.  This doc is going to be a really cool, well-distributed doc.


      I am, however, having a very hard time trying to get my work out of Premiere into Davinci Resolve.


      When I try to go via XML, I am having trouble with clips relinking to the wrong clips, because I am dealing with Canon DSLR footage which creates duplicate filenames.  I understand that this could be solved by making unique reel data for each clip.


      However, I can't find a place to edit reel data in Premiere.  Or, if I use a batch reel# editor (like qtChange), that doesn't import into Premiere for the XML import.


      Does anyone have a tried and true method for going from Premiere to Resolve, while taking into account the problems of duplicate filenames?


      This seems very very very backwards for getting data into a color application to be so difficult.



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          SimonHy Level 2

          I don't have a "tried and true" method, but have done a bit of research into it as I'll be facing similar challenges as we grade with Resolve and have just switched to Premiere. Due to codec issues (.mts media that Resolve won't read) I'll be outputting a flattened movie file and using scene detector to cut it up, and then exporting any shots with disolves seperately with handles. NOT ideal I have to say, I think Premiere has some work to do in this area.


          In your case though where all the media is readable by Resolve; have you tried using the project manager first to make a trimmed project, and then exporting the xml from there? I think that will give your media unique file names.

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            shooternz Level 6

            O.K Guys


            I have just finished ( an hour ago)  a Resolve and Flame post prod session to finish 8 TVCs .


            I edited in CS6 and simply exported an edl and supplied the  finishing house with the source footage.


            This was conformed into Resolve and then onto Flame (as DPX) for compiling once we finished the grade / cc.


            I was also dealing with duplicate filenames as well as... and I manage this by organising the source folders.


            Another thing...I dual record  source files.  One internal is AVCHD. The external recorder is ProresHQ so I edit the AVCHD and finish with the Prores files.  This means the filenames are different and need prior organising.. but...


            Resolve has the facility to manage this perfectly by way of looking for the timecode  instead of the filename. 


            (maybe your DSLR does not produce timecode so you are going to need to adapt this somehow!)