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    RH 9 for Word Won't Open RH 8 for Word Project


      Have uninstalled, reinstalled, and applied patch 9.0.2 multiple times with the same result: RoboHelp 9 for Word's Tools/Options refuses to list Word 2010 in the default word version. Upon attemtping to open an RH 8 for Word help project, I receive the following error message:

      Compile error in hidden module: AutoOpen

      Clicking the "Help" button does no good. The error message being displayed is a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications error message. I have checked the Roaming/Microsoft/Templates directory and have both Normal.dot and Normal.dotm; I have all the RoboHelp .dot files but I have no .dotx files anywhere and I'm not even sure if they're needed.

      I am able to open, modify, and save the RH 8 for Word project in RH 9 for HTML, but changing the document to an HTML file is not an option. (By the way, I was using Word 2003 for the RH 8 for Word projects.)

      I have followed all the tips and checkpoints as discussed on the Adobe help for RoboHelp forum but nothing has made a difference.

      I'm really desparate at this point because we're releasing an update to our software project and my RH 8 for Word document just won't open without these errors in RH9 for Word.

      I need help or I need different help authoring software.