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    Open two files from a folder


      Let me see if I can adequately describe what I'm attempting to do...


      We have 18x12 drawings we'd like to print.  Our plotter uses a 36" roll of paper.  So, when we print these 18x12 drawings, we waste 18" of paper with each print.


      So, I have developed a set of actions that will take two open files, combine them on a canvas and print them filling the entire 36x12 area.  This part works fine and I could live with it as-is.  But, I'd like to see if I can get a little more complex by adding the ability to just point Photoshop to a folder and have it open two files at a time, print them, and then grab the next two until all files in the folder were processed.


      Do any of you scripting gurus have any tricks I can try?




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          http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/PasteImageRoll.html  Will fit the images to the tile size you use in the dialog... As is you select all the image files in a folder you want to print.  You could modify its operation like add a source image folder to the dialog and process as many images the will fit on the remainder of your paper roll. As is if you select too many images + copies to fit on what length you have left the scriprs just outputs a message.


          This script is included in my Photo Collage Toolkit http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/PhotoCollageToolkit.html


          The Batch Multi Image Script will  create two image collages like you want to print just point it to the two image template the source folder and the desternation folder.  You will need to print the files later. Batching a slow complex  process  like printing does not seem like something I would like to do because of the manual operations the printer need the number types of papers printers etc. My script will create a document or files for printing. I'll leave the printing setup to you.