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    Customized Workspace - Logout

    JT01 Level 1

      Hello All,


      I have created and deployed a customized ear and everything works fine except for if a user presses logout.




      Inside of the log file it appears to still be attempting to hit mycustomapplication/main.html.  I didn't see in the documentation needing to add anything specific to the config file for the logout page or the whitelist.  Has anyone run into this and found a fix?




      This is on LiveCycle ES3 SP1.

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          JT01 Level 1

          If anyone else runs into this I figured out the solution.  When compiling the new ear in flex or flash builder make sure to set the default values in the web.xml.  The documentation only says consider replacing the values and it doesn't tell you why or why not too.


          The values in the web.xml that need updated are the source_url and the login_url.

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            emfahmy Level 1

            Your post saved the day! Thanks for taking the time to follow-up on the question you posed to the forum at large.


            Much appreciated!