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    Warp stabilizer in Premiere Pro CS6

    viejo59 Level 1



      I'm having a problem with the work stabilizer in premiere Pro CS6.0.1

      I have used previous versions of After Effects to stabilize video footage and was happy to see that the Warp Stabilizer effect is now included within Premiere Pro. Everything in Premiere Pro CS 6 seems to work just fine when I attempt to stabilize a clip in the timeline until I add a video transition such as cross dissolve. At that point the footage in the program monitor is no longer stabilized even though the effect is still shown in the source monitor under effect controls. If I reset the effect, it appears to run normally but it will not stabilize clip. If I remove the video transitions and run the effect again clip is now stabilized. I don't understand this.

      However I can take that same clip with video transitions added and round-trip it through After Effects CS 6 adding the Warp Stabilizer effectand the resulting clip the Premiere Pro timeline is indeed stabilized.

      I'm using a Windows 7 PC with an i7 processor and 12 gigs of RAM.

      This particular footage was shot with a Canon S95 at 720P and a frame rate of 23.976.


      Is anybody else having this problem?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



      Viejo 62