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    having trouble creating fallback video for IE

    AttaBoy2 Level 4

      I've read that you can put your flv vidio in a mp4 container and it will run within the <video> tag.

      I'm having trouble moving my flv's into mp4 containers so that they work.  I tried dragging my flv.s into my super c video converter, when I tried to run the output a error message poped up saying I have an invalid sample description.

      I also tried FLV_Extract_v1.6.2 to extract the contents of mt FLV's  (that worked) but when I used

      Yamb 2.1 to put the contents into mp4 it always fails trying to make the comversion some message about 30 frames per second not supported (it did this weather I set the input to 30 fps or not.