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    CS6 jQuery Mobile App - Databases / Storage

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      I'm trying to create a mobile application for Android and possibly later for iOS. The problem I am having is with database storage, I have been through many methods already including Local Storage, WebSQL and breifly IndexedDB. I could get none of these to function as I needed, and I know it's because I am not understanding the methods fully. The app is very simple, the database storage I need is also very simple;


      Press start button > save the time to tempoary table

      Press stop button > get start time from temporary table > calculate time difference between start and stop time > save start time, stop time and time difference to shifts table


      Advanced Features;

      Display running stop watch of current shift time

      Search date ranges and display all shift times

      Export database to CSV file

      Import database from CSV file


      I would really appreciate help with this, even if it's just advising me which method should be used and which language or pointing me to a simple tutorial, I started looking at SQLite database using java though I am a total beginner in java and I would much prefer to use JavaScript as I already have knowledge in this.


      Kind regards,

      Mitchell Ransom