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    dropped frames on capture


      Hi, your help again would be appreciated. I am using Premiere pro cs5 for over a year now for editing wedding dvd's. I have not used it since December last, and all was well. Now I have a few weddings to edit and I have trouble.

      When I try to capture from my camera, I am getting dropped frames. This can be anything from 1 to 20 dropped frames on a one hour capture, and sometimes the connection is lost completely from the camera and the capture is aborted.

      I had similar problems before, when I first set up this computer, but Matrox helped me through this, and it turned out to be power saving features on the computer that was the cause. I have checked all these settings, and all seems fine.

      I have uninstalled icloud and itunes from the system, as these were installed between my last successful captures and now(where I am having problems). This helped, as before this I was getting at least 30 dropped frames, but there must be something else the matter.

      I disconnect from the internet, and switch off all anti virus and firewalls when editing.

      I know that I would be best to keep this system strictly for editing, and this is something I will have to consider, but where do I start to track down this problem. My thoughts are that I have installed something that is running in the background, but I really don't know how to find out what!

      I have about 70 processes running on task manager. Is this normal, with just internet explorer open?

      I appreciate any comments, best regards Charlie