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    FAQ: How to deactivate an Adobe product, or My computer crashed, how do I install on a new one?

    Brett N Adobe Employee

      What is Activation?


      When you purchase an Adobe product, your license allows you to install on two computers. To enforce this limit (and prevent others from using what you have paid for), your serial number comes with two Activations. Activation happens when you launch the product for the first time (it does not happen during the installation process). Your Adobe product contacts the Adobe activation servers and lets us know that you are using the product on a specific computer (using an anonymous, unique machine code). If you'd like to move your product to a new computer, simply uninstall the application, which lets you deactivate it from the computer.


      I have already installed on two computers, and one of them crashed, what do I do?


      Often you will find yourself in a situation that a computer has crashed and you had an activated Adobe product on that system. Depending on how much you use the Adobe product, this could be a major issue. If you have crashed your first computer and have not yet installed on a second, then there is nothing to worry about, simply install and use the product as normal. Obviously you can't uninstall and deactivate the product on the dead computer. At this point, you will have to contact our customer service department to have your activations cleared up from the back-end servers. This should be a very quick, painless process to accomplish. Simply call: 1-800-642-3623


      More information

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