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    Premiere Pro editing training and membership resources

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      I am involved in both photography editing and video editing.  On the photo side I have received a lot of benefit over the years from a NAPP membership which provides good online resources and webinars.  There are also several photography-based hardware and software companies that provide a stream of webinars that you can attend to expand your knowledge and typically use Photoshop as the base program.  Usually this involves an artist describing how THEY utilize the tools for a desired result which is a little different than a "how to".


      Especially as new versions of products come out I always find this helpful and I like learning new tweaks! 


      Of course I am aware of the webinars Adobe has online including these forums. They are both a great help for both photoshop and premiere pro.  And the webinars are good for basic "here's how you do it" short features or new product introductions.


      But are there similar membership opportunities on the video side for editing or perhaps third party webinars in addition to what is presented here?  I would be looking for intermediate to advanced material.