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    Allow or block links to the Internet in PDFs


      We have an issue on one computer with a Security Block message when clicking a link on a PDF opened in a browser IE, linking to a PDF on a network file share. The message dialog has no ALLOW button only HELP and OK. 

      On other computers the link opens the PDF without the Security message in the browser.


      Acrobat does not allow connection to:

      file:///H:/ folder name/folder name/filename.pdf


      Using Acrobat 10 and Reader 10

      In Preferences, the Manage Internet Settings options are greyed out.

      If the Display PDF in Browser option is unchecked, the PDF opens in Acrobat but user needs the PDF to open in IE.

      Seems to be just on this one computer, we have reinstalled Acrobat 10.

      Thank you for any advice on how to fix this problem.

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          The Display PDF in browser option controls whether you can view PDFs by opening them in a browser using the PDF plugin. It does not control what happens when you double click a file in Windows Explorer. I'm fairly certain that you will never automatically open the PDF in a browser unless you open it form the browser (e.g. File > Open).


          Install the latest updates. There was a bug where a specific reg key was disabling the Manage Interent Settings. If that doesn't work, repost.



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            kamara163 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            We have now taken all the updates available, the preferences had been set

            to not check for updates.

            Now the linked PDFs open in Internet Explorer without the Security Block



            In this situation we were not opening from Windows Explorer, we have an

            xml file which opens in Internet Explorer, the xml file has links to PDFs

            on the network and the PDFs have links

            to other PDFs. The user needed the linked PDFs to open in Internet

            Explorer for ease of navigation, testing that there are no broken links.

            Thanks so much for your timely help we really appreciate it,  the issue is