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    attn: Adobe Received CS6 license Key - Never purchased CS6

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      Hopefully this is the right forum group to post this.


      I tried calling Adobe Support today three times to alert them to either Adobe sending out Free CS6 license keys or a scam email and gave up after 3 telephone disconnects:

      1st call was quickly disconnected. 2nd call I spoke to a gentleman who transferred me to customer service where I was disconnected before reaching anyone. And a 3rd time when I spoke to a woman in Adobe customer service and was disconneted after explaining the problem. I wish Adobe would fix their telephone disconnections.


      Problem is:  Today I received a email from a sender simply listed as ADOBE.  The email which I did not open contains "License Key" attachment.  If I hold my cursor over the email it is thanking me for purchasing CS6.


      I have not purchased CS6 yet (I still have CS5.5 Production Premium which I purchased last September).

      If any one from Adobe cares about this issue please feel free to contact me through PM.