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    What am I doing wrong here?


      I have premiere pro and aftereffects CS5.5 and am having trouble with slowness/choppyness both while editing, and exporting.


      Here's my computer setup:


      Windows 7 Ultimate

      16gb gskill sniper RAM

      EVGA nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti

      Asus P7P55D Deluxe Mobo

      60gb SSD and 2tb external HD



      My camera's:


      Nikon d3100 - 1920x1080 24fps

      Samsung Galaxy Indulge - 720x480 and 640x480  (cell phone)



      So I got 16gb of RAM because adobe said you could run multiple of their programs with 16 or just one efficiently with 8gb.  My cell phone footage edits just fine in the editors (I can scrub super smoothly).  But when I export out no matter what format the playback is always at least slightly choppy if not more.  The nikon's HD video is slow, choppy, jumps around, freezes for a few seconds in the editor.  Then when I render the playback as a finished video is even worse.  Whats the deal?  Do you need 256GB of RAM, $6000 worth of video cards and a monitor the size of an IMAX just to edit a little HD video?  The HD clip I was trying to render was only like 1 minute long and I hadn't started adding effects, just cutting.


      Thankyou so much,



      p.s.  If I do ever manage to be able to edit a video, what is the best format for exporting in?  The highest quality possilbe.

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          woodystyle777 Level 1

          Oh another thing.  I know alot of people use imacs with these programs and run completely smoothly.  I had witnessed it before I got into all this.  I checked out the apple website and took a look at the hardware:


          i5 or i7 anywhere from 2.5-3.1 ghz. - i have an i7 rated at 2.93

          4-16gb 1333mhz RAM depending - I have 16gb 1333 RAM (that won the 720 hd award)

          6000 radeons depending - i have a evga nvidia gtx GeForce 560 Ti (mine's more recommended than theirs by adobe)


          sorry for forgetting to list my processor before - Intel i7 870 quad 2.93mhz


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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >60gb SSD and 2tb external HD


            What kind of external drive... USB or eSata... 7200rpm or...?


            If USB2 (not USB3) your data throughput rate is very likely the cause of your problem