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    Trimming subclips ...

    joneisele Level 1

      Let's say you make a subclip and then wish to lengthen subclip on either side (where there is room on the original source video) like you can do with a regular video clip asset.  It appears that is not possible with in/out markers in the source monitor or trim brackets in the timeline.  Correct?


      I am able to use the right-click Edit Subclip ... menu item for subclips in the project window (or displayed on the source monitor) which pops-up a window I can manually enter new start and end times.  Once I've done so I am able to extend a subclip on the timeline out to new start/stop times if increased, but no more.


      Am I correct above?   I was really hoping to trim subclips like other video clip assets.   I've been using a workaround where I open the source video clip, drag it to the project window which creates a new instance with the same name, rename the new instance, then open and trim in the source monitor (or drag to the timeline).  Let me know if you have a better workflow assuming I am correct above.