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    TC 3.5 trial - Robohelp fails to make printed documentation

    Jay Maechtlen Level 1

      When attempting to generate printed output, fails - says it can't find Word.

      At first, I installed the Office 2010 x64 trial, and that didn't succeed.

      In Word, File?options>trust center, enabled macros and access to the object model.

      No difference.,

      Went to RH Tools>Options, added Word to open .dot, .doc, .dotm, .docx

      No difference.,

      Then I read there were interop issues between 32 bit apps and 64 bit apps.

      Uninstalled Office x64, installed Office x32. Same symptoms.

      Uninstalled TCS

      Control panel > Office>repair

      Re-installed TCS

      no change.

      Re-checked Word's macro security settings, RH's .dot and .doc settings - those had stayed as I set them - is that a clue?

      Installed Office 2003 Pro, re-installed TCS.

      Robohelp still fails to produce printed doc, claims it can't find Word.