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    Adding swf to xml gallery




      I have a small problem with gallery whenever I click thumbnail in galleryPane component the swf movie is loaded to the stage, but if my fla file was using the external sound or grafic files, than the swf that I recived after compilation is not displayed correctly in gallery it says tha sound is invalid or the url for graphic file was empty. But whe I play those swf directly with flash player  everything is correct. The error only occur, when i try to load the file in gallery


      Thank you for help in advance

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          Ned Murphy Legend

          If you are loading one file into another then the targeting of the loaded file for any files it loads might need to be adjusted.  I cannot tell from your description what files are where, but typically, if the main file is in a different folder than the loaded file, some adjustment is needed such that the loaded file targets files as if it is in the same folder as the main file anyways.