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    FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe Application Error

    KJSTech Level 1

                Hello.  I'm an IT guy and one of our users put in a ticket with screen shots showing an error message they get every single day when they sign on to their Windows XP computer.  The first error message says:


      FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe - Application Error

      The instruction at "0x7c9113c0" referenced memory at "0x00050005".  The memory could not be "written".  Click OK to terminate the program.


      The user clicks OK and then this comes up.

      "Adobe Flash Player Update Service 11.3 r300 encountered a problem and needed to close."  It then has the date and time of the error (which is when she logged into the PC) and a Send / Don't Send error report button, which we know are just placebos because sending these reports don't fix the problem.


      What do you think is causing this?  I wanted to report the error not only to get help on it but to make the product better so future versions can be written to not have these errors.

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