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    Will PE11 be able to edit Full Frame HD (1920x1080) 24p? My PE9 seems to do it actually...

    audio90 Level 1

      Hi there guys,


      I did a search and read all the posts on editing in full frame HD at 24p and it seems that the concensus is that it can't yet (we're up to version PE10), meaning that the footage will introduce or loss frame and be jumpy in export?


      I'm considering getting a DSLR for video (probably the Nikon D7000) and shoot some footage at a electronics store and put it into PE9 (what I have) in both HDV 720 30p and DSLR 1080 24p and output in WMV 720p and the footage for both look fine, like how it looked when I shot it in the store.


      Does this mean that I'm safe to buy that camera, one like it that ONLY shoots in these specs:


      HD 1920x1080 / 24 fps

      HD 1280x720 / 30 fps

      HD 1280x720 / 24 fps


      Now, I'd PREFER to shoot and user the 1920x1080 footage and output at 720p as Steve showed me a 'cheat' I now use to crop and repostion my composition for my videos that I only put on Youtube anyway. I'd prefer not to shoot in 1280x720 because then I have to use the complete frame size as it is.


      So I really have two questions here:


      1) Can I, in fact, actually edit in 1920x1080 24p?

      2) If I can't, will PE11 allow us to?