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    Video freezes, but Audio continues on timeline

    jbelzeradams Level 1

      I'm working on a timeline with a mix of footage. It's mostly MXF files from the Canon C300 (which I used to create a custom sequence), a little bit of 5D, and some h.264 files.


      I'm having an issue where my timeline will playback fine, but after some amount of time (sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 3 minutes) the video will freeze, but the audio will continue playing. Timecode will continue to run as well.


      I have to pause the playback and restart it to get the video to unfreeze.


      I'd really appreciate any insight. I'd like to use premiere, but I cant even watch back my entire 6 minute timeline at this point without freezes...




      Mac Pro 3,1 w/ 10.7.4


      Premiere 6.0.1


      2x3ghz Quad Core

      12 GB Ram

      Nvidia GTX 470

      AJA Kona 3 (With latest NDD Driver and Additional Adobe CS6 Driver)