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    Using cmd-opt C to fit frame to text, why only vertically?

    synterx Level 1

      This has been bugging me for years. I like to keep a nice clean layout. So I use cmd-opt-c (I'm on a mac, cs 5.5 currently) to shrink up the extra space around the text on a typical text frame. However, when the box contains one line of text, then I get both horizontal and vertical fitting tight to the edges of the text – but with 2 or more lines of text, I only get the vertical/bottom of the text frame to shrink up to the text.  The right edge of the frame just sticks out there and I have to manually close it up. Annoying and a time waster. I know I can double-click the right corner points, but even still...if the frame has a bunch of extra space, it won't close it all the way to the left...it only closes it up some, and I have to re-double click again and again.


      Am I just being silly, or is there some way to get it to completely close up both right and bottom edges?