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    Is there any logic to how Proto generates the div layout/structure?

    Jim_Babbage Community Member

      I created a simple wireframe, just for experimentation. Once extracted into Dreamweaver, though, I was a little confused as to how/why the div structure was set the way it was. For example, my header and navbar were placed at the end of my div structure in the code, rather than where I would have expected them to be - near the top of my mark up. That's the way I would normally have coded things, and the header and navbar were also the first two elements I added to the wireframe. Just finding it odd they ended up at the bottom of the div structure.


      Is there a reason for this? Does Proto change the div order as I nest additional content into a specific div?


      Or better yet, is there a best practices for how I should created my wireframes in Proto?


      Thanks all.