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    Batch change jp2 files to Photoshop (CS3)

    GeoBear Level 1

      I found a website that allows you to download old (public domain) books. Each page is saved as a jp2, which I can't open in Photoshop CS3. I found an plugin that enables me to open them, and I could have sworn it was working, but it suddently stopped working for some reason.


      Anyway, I have a folder full of folders with over a thousand jp2 images. I can open them in Pixelmator and save them as Photoshop files, but that's very time consuming. So, can anyone tell me if there's a way to do a batch change - convert every jp2 image in the folder to a format that I can open in Photoshop CS3?


      Also, can anyone recommend an online guide to batch changing. I'd like to learn how to batch change file sizes; for example convert all images that are 4,000 pixels wide to 500 pixels wide. I'd also like to learn how to batch change file names. I probably have to pursue each of these separately, but I just wondered if there's some sort of online central guide to batch changing.